Survivors of Sexual Abuse and the Challenges They Bring to Spiritual Direction
with Beth Crisp (see biographical note below).
Sexual abuse profoundly affects survivors to the extent that many are unable to maintain previously held viewpoints or ways of being.  For Christian survivors, this may include how they perceive and relate to God and engage in intimate relationships including spiritual direction. The issues they bring to spiritual direction may be challenging for directors, particularly those with little knowledge or experience of sexual abuse. This workshop introduces some of the issues which may emerge in spiritual direction and explores the question of what makes an effective spiritual director for survivors of sexual abuse.

Date: Sunday, October 16 Time: 2 pm Cost: $25
Finding God after Sexual Abuse: Prayer for Survivors of Sexual Abuse with Beth Crisp (see biographical note below).
Beth Crisp is the author of
 Beyond Crucifixion: Meditations on Surviving Sexual Abuse, a book of stories and prayers about the struggles with self, relationships and God which emerge when one attempts to move from sexual abuse. While a common response is to give up on faith, the only way of moving on and overcoming a crippling sense of desolation was not to run from God but to embrace that relationship. The resulting prayers, which range from profound to humorous, touch on the five essential food groups of the human soul — love, grace, humour, friendship and forgiveness.  In this session, Beth talks about this journey from despair to hope and the potential and pitfalls in exploring prayer in the aftermath of sexual abuse.
 Date: Monday, October 17 Time: 7 pm Cost: $25

Biographical Note:

Beth R. Crisp is Associate Professor of Social Work at Deakin University in Australia and much of her work focuses on marginalisation and social exclusion. She is particularly interested in spirituality for people who find themselves on the margins of the church or wider society, particularly women who have experienced sexual abuse.  She is the author of Beyond Crucifixion: Meditations on Surviving Sexual Abuse (Darton Longman & Todd, 2010) and Spirituality and Social Work (Ashgate, 2010) as well as numerous articles in both theology and social work journals. Beth is a survivor of sexual abuse, Roman Catholic by choice and a regular contributor to The Way, a spirituality journal published by the British Jesuits.