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...will be in town for 2 events!


What does it really mean to be people of faith when traditional religious structures seem to be straining
and breaking down? When dangerous fault-lines are opening up between faith and theism, between
different faith traditions, and within our own traditions and practices? Is faith simply our assent to a
series of theological propositions, or is it a question of trust? What is this mystery we call God and how
might we be in relationship with such mystery? Who is Jesus for us? And what about faith community?

An opportunity to explore questions we might not dare ask in church.

Thursday, November 29, 2012, at 7 p.m.
Fulford Hall, 1444 Union Ave., Montreal (Metro McGill)


The Ignatian Spirituality Centre (514 481-1064)
The Spiritual Direction Group, Diocese of Montreal (Anglican)


An opportunity to reflect on some of the key events in Ignatius’ story, and uncover the patterns of how divine grace works through human imperfection to bring about transformation beyond anything we can imagine, not just in the life of an evolving saint, but in our own lives too. Based on Margaret’s latest book ‘Just Call Me Lopez’, Getting to the Heart of Ignatius Loyola, Loyola Press, Chicago, 2012.

This theme provides a framework in which we can explore topics like discernment, detachment, living with tension, and the power of visionary experience, as demonstrated in the initially very ‘limping’ life of Ignatius and in our own limping efforts to live into God’s Dream

On Friday, November 30, from 7 pm to 9pm, and, Saturday, December 1, from 9 am to 4 pm. Mass celebrated at 4pm. Coffee and snacks provided on both days, however, please bring a lunch for Saturday.

At: Loyola High School, 7272 Sherbrooke West, corner West Broadway, H4B 1R2
Cost: $125
To register, please contact the Ignatian Centre at 514-481-1064 or by email at

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Margaret Silf travels widely in her work as a retreat director and speaker on Ignatian spirituality. Her latest book, Just Call Me Lopez: Getting to the Heart of Ignatius Loyola, appeared in 2012. Her other books include The Other Side of Chaos, Simple Faith, Compass Points, Inner Compass, Close to the Heart and Going on Retreat (Loyola Press) and The Gift of Prayer: Embracing the Sacred in the Everyday (Bluebridge). She lives in Scotland.

Bathed In Compassion, our first seminar

with facilitator, Mary-Ellen Francoeur

This will be a meditative experience as we explore the presence of Compassion from the creation of the universe to the hearts of the present day. Blending spirituality, psychology and cosmology, we will experience the life-giving and healing power of Compassion.

Mary-Ellen is a Sister of Service. She has a doctorate in clinical psychology, years of experience as a spiritual director, with an interest in the richness of all the spiritual traditions and the spiritual dimension of cosmology.   Friday, October 19, from 7 pm to 9 pm and
Saturday, October 20, from 9 am to 4 pm (please bring a lunch)!
Mass celebrated at 4 pm

Coffee and cookies provided both days.
At The Ignatian Centre
4567 West Broadway
Mtl, QC H4B 2A7
Cost: $125
To register, please contact the Centre at 514-481-1064 or by email at

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We are very excited about the programs offered this year. See below for details on upcoming fall events, and our Calendar in the sidebar for the full year events.

An Invitation to Prayer is a new, eight week session for those interested in learning to pray with Scripture. If registration permits, Elizabeth and Cathie will return with Hearing God in Others, a course open to all, especially those who feel called to become prayer companions. Registration is now open for the Contemplative Retreat in Daily with Father Krull.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Centre at 514-481-1064 or for further information or to register.

Contemplative Retreat in Daily Life

with Fr. Carl Krull, S.J.

A contemplative program in everyday life for those who have a longing for a simpler and more direct union with God, having formerly meditated on scripture with satisfaction, but feel an increasing frustration and inability to go on doing so.

Participants must be ready to put aside an hour a day for prayer and attend weekly group meetings. Regular meetings with a spiritual director is recommended.

PLACE: The Ignatian Spirituality Centre of Montreal
DAY and TIME: To be determined by participants
COST: Suggested contribution: $100 for 20 sessions (no one will be turned away due to a lack of funds).
Contact: The Ignatian Centre, 514-481-1064 or at

Hearing God in Others

with Cathie Macaulay and Elizabeth Koessler.

This 6 session course is designed to develop a spirituality of listening. Basic skills for fostering communication in family and pastoral care relationships are put into practice during this course.

PLACE: The Ignatian Spirituality Centre of Montreal
DATE & TIME: Tuesdays, beginning mid-September, at 7:30 pm
COST: $120

To register or for more information, please contact The Ignatian Centre at 514-481-1064 or email at

Invitation to Prayer

with Louise Eberwein and Paul Empsall

This course is offered to any person who has experienced the desire to make a spirit of prayer a more committed and joyful part of their life. The focus will be on learning to pray with Scripture, a centuries old tradition in the church and suitable for persons of all walks of life. Various topics related to this theme will be explored, but considerable emphasis will also be placed on actual practice and sharing of experiences within a group setting. The main purpose is to support and to encourage each other.

Limited to 8 spaces.

For more information, please call Paul Empsall at 514-626-9462.
To register, please call the Ignatian Centre at 514-481-1064 or email at

Eight Tuesdays , from October 9 to November 27.

Time: 7:30 pm – 9 pm.

At: The Ignatian Centre, 4567 West Broadway, Mtl, QC H4B 2A7

Cost: $25

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The latest edition of our newsletter, the Magis, and our Calender of Events for the upcoming 2012 -2013 season are now available.  Both documents can be found under Publications, on the sidebar to the left. If you prefer to receive a hardcopy, please contact the Centre at 514-481-1064 or email at

Please note that we will be offreing a
retreat in November and that spaces are limited to 20.  If you are interested in attending, please contact the Centre as soon as possible.

Enjoy the summer months and see you in September,

The Exercises in the Second Week

The Spiritual Exercises have as their goal movement toward intimacy with God. The role of the spiritual companion is to help facilitate this movement for the retreatant. This seminar will focus primarily on the Ignatian Exercises of the Second Week as conduits toward animating this intimacy.

Damian Zynda, Th. D., is on faculty in the Christian Spirituality Program at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, and is the Director of Formation at the Church of the Transfiguration in the Diocese of Rochester, NY where she has developed an adult formation program based on the Spiritual Exercises. She is an experienced spiritual director and supervisor who has directed retreats in Canada and the US.

Friday, April 27, 7 pm to 9pm and Saturday, April 28, from 9 am to 4 pm, followed by Mass,
The Ignatian Centre, 4567 West Broadway, between Sherbrooke and Somerled.
Cost: $125 (no one will be turned away due to a lack of funds).

Coffee and cookies provided. Please bring a LUNCH for Saturday (Subway, Second Cup, Dagwoods, Souvlaki George within a five to ten minute walk).

For more information or to register,
please call 514-481-1064 or email at

Escaping the Messiah Trap

This workshop will explore seven common styles of being a “Messiah” and some of the ways we can become more aware of unhealthy patterns in our helping relationships. We will also look at healthy models of Christian service and leadership. In an interactive way, we will explore the balance in our own lives of service, increase our awareness about how we make decisions and how to find balance in our busy lives.

Cathie Macaulay is a spiritual director and co-facilitator of the Prayer Companion training program at the Ignatian Spirituality Centre. She currently works for the Archdiocese of Montreal, coordinating the Pastoral Home Care program for parishes.

Saturday, May 5
9am to 3 pm
at The Ignatian Spirituality Centre, 4567 West Broadway
Cost is
$60, special rate for students
Please bring a lunch.

For more information or to register,
please call 514-481-1064 or email at

Inner Healing and Bibliodrama

with Dr. Joseph Szopinski and Dr. Maria Owczarek

The healing of Bartimaeus by Jesus (Mark 10: 46-52) provides the backdrop of this workshop. Upon contemplation of the sacred text, four stages of healing emerge: the state of disease and helplessness, the willingness to change and throw off the beggar’s robe, perseverance in the willingness to be healthy and, the decision to choose Jesus and follow Him. The aim of the workshop is to overcome individual crises and barriers which limit harmonious functioning in the family and in the workplace. Workshop activities aid in preparing the participants for explicit, deep, and emotional requests for healing their relationships. The activities are connected with prayer for healing.

Dr. Joseph Szopinski and Dr. Maria Owczarek
are social psychologists, teachers, lecturers, counsellors and workshop facilitators.

Friday March 23 from 7 pm to 9 pm &
Saturday March 24, from 9 am to 4 pm. Mass will be celebrated at 4 pm.

4567 West Broadway, between Somerled and Sherbrooke

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514-481-1064 or

Walking in the Desert

Walking in the Desert
Facilitator: John Carey
New and experienced pray-ers may feel their prayer life is flat or “boring” at times. The saints often called this the “desert.”  This feeling of God’s absence can be reflected in our workplace or through the crises in our Church and parishes or in family transitions.  What do the mystics, both modern and traditional, have to tell us? 
This workshop will tap into the traditional spiritual wisdom of the Desert Mothers and Fathers, including John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila as well as the experience of more contemporary writers.
Date:  Saturday, March 10, 2012
 9am - 3 pm
Cost:  $60.00

Please see poster under Publications in the side bar.
To register, please contact the Ignatian Spirituality Centre at

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Contemplative Retreat

Happy New Year!

We are hoping to form new groups for Fr. Krull's Contemplative Retreat.

A contemplative program in everyday life for those who have a longing for a simpler and more direct union with God, having formerly meditated on scripture with satisfaction, but feel an increasing frustration and inability to go on doing so.
The program involves following a detailed guidebook, giving an hour a day to contemplative meditation, and meeting with the director about once a week.
Fr. Carl Krull, S.J. has been directing this type of contemplative meditation for many years in India.

Please contact the Centre if you are interested or require more information: