Prayer for the Fifth Meeting

Fifth Meeting

Father, you have called us to become increasingly aware of the evil that permeates our world and of the devastating effects of sin on innocent people. Over the past week, you have given us a deeper understanding of the ways in which we have failed you and those whom we are called to serve, and of how in your goodness, you have continued to bless us despite our unworthiness.
We thank you, Father, for this opportunity to be led by St. Ignatius through some of the prayer experiences that changed
his life and deepened his relationship with you. May we be increasingly open to hearing your personal message to each of us.
Thank you for bringing us together to share the ways in which our hearts have been touched as we have read and meditated on the week’s Scriptural passages. Your Word is no less meaningful in our contemporary world than it was 2,000 years ago and more. Please send your Spirit to guide us as we listen to each other and together, search for new meaning in your call to us to become holy as your are holy.
Bless our time together, Lord, and show us the changes we need to make in our lives so that we may become the persons you are calling us to be. Amen.