Prayer to the Twenty-Fifth Meeting

Twenty-Fifth Meeting

Dear Lord, we have observed your apostles’ reunion with you. Had we been there, we, too, would have been filled with awe and wonder. Most likely, we would have remembered your warning that you were going to be put to death and also your promise to rise again on the third day.
How would we have reacted, though, if we had been absent from that first appearance in the upper room? Would we, like Thomas, have said, “Do you expect me to believe that you have seen Jesus alive? Sorry ... I need proof. Unless I can touch the scars on his hands and feet, I can never believe that Jesus has actually risen.”
In our humanness, it is easy for us to forget your promises when we are bogged down with difficult situations and challenging decisions to be made. You tell us, “I am with you always” ... “Be not afraid, for I am with you ... “Fear not,” in many different ways. Yet sometimes we forget that you are in the centre of our inner turmoil waiting for us to turn to you for help. When we feel despondent, afraid or desperate we often tell ourselves, “Nothing will ever be the same again.” We ignore the reality of miracles. Yet you proved to your followers and you remind us that nothing is impossible to you.
Lord, when Thomas saw you with his own eyes, he believed. You chided him gently for his disbelief and proclaimed blessed all those who would believe in you without seeing you. We thank you for the gift of faith which tells us, despite our doubting moments, that you are always present in our lives. May we, even in our times of doubt, be always able to recognize and proclaim you as “Our Lord and our God.”