Prayer for the Third Meeting

Third Meeting

Father, once again we thank you for bringing us together for this time of sharing and of exploring the meaning of our prayer experience. We have reflected on the awful-ness of the banishment of Adam and Eve, whose sin of pride led to their exile from the Garden of Eden, where they had walked with you and grown close to you; and of persons whose lifelong selfishness and unconcern for others merited the loss of your loving presence for all time.
We are awe-filled by the knowledge that despite the many times we have said “NO” to you, you truly want us to be with you in your Kingdom forever.
Because your beloved Son, Jesus, died on the cross to save us, you give us ‘another’ chance ... again and again and again. Father, we thank you for your unconditional love and acceptance of us just as we are; for all the times your Spirit calls us to repentance; and for your ongoing forgiveness.
Please help us to be more sensitive to the wiles of the Evil One who tries to draw us away from you; to be open to hear your every call to serve you and others; and to be ever ready to answer, “Here I am. Lord. I come to do your will.” Amen.