Prayer for the Ninth Meeting

Ninth Meeting

Lord, we ask your blessing on our time together as we share new insights we have gained on our journey with you in the early stages of your life.
We have seen you held closely in your Mother’s arms ... fast asleep on a bed of hay ... perhaps wide-eyed and sucking a tiny thumb as great kings from afar knelt and worshipped you.
We have accompanied you to the Temple for the ritual of your presentation to your Father and witnessed the joy of Simeon and Anna, who recognized you as the living Sign of God’s promise to the world..
We have shared your rugged trek on a donkey into the darkness of a chilly night as you were taken from your humble birthplace to an alien land. Your future was unknown, but we felt secure in the knowledge that Mary, your Mother and Joseph, your foster-father would keep you safe.
Poverty, humility and the barest of necessities were touchstones of your entry into the world. A stable for a few days ... then homeless with itinerant parents to protect you, the Son of God, from the dangers of the world.
We love you, Lord and we offer ourselves to you.. As we continue to share your life story, may it become intertwined with our own and may we come to know you more intimately. Help us, Lord, to become holy as you are holy.