Prayer for the Eleventh Meeting

Eleventh Meeting

Lord Jesus, we thank you for this special time you have given us to share with one another.
We have reflected on the wonder of you, the Son of God, humbly seeking Baptism at the hands of your cousin John as you began your ministry of spreading the Good News. We have heard your Father proclaim, “This is my Son, the beloved. In him I am well pleased.”
We have reflected on the gift of our own Baptism, through which you called us to become your followers, and we pray that as we follow your paths, we may become worthy to hear those same words from the Father, “You are my beloved child in whom I am well pleased.”
As we read of your forty days and nights in the desert, we realized that in your humanity even you, the Son of God, were not spared the temptations of the Evil One. We pray that your Spirit will give us the strength and courage to reject Satan and his promises of worldly wealth and honour as you did, and that the Spirit will remind us in times of temptation that we have already found life’s greatest treasure: the wonder and joy of union with you.
Hold us close to your heart, Lord, as we continue our spiritual journey and trust you to lead us safely home to your Kingdom. Amen.