Prayer for the Sixteenth Meeting

Sixteenth Meeting

Lord Jesus, you have shown us that you sent your apostles to spread the good news freely and without any expectation of reward. You cautioned them to fulfill their mission with simplicity, leaving behind all of their possessions and trusting that their needs would be met. This speaks of detachment from earthly things, to which you call all of us even in today`s world.
You gave your disciples the power to heal every type of disease and the courage to venture forth into the unknown in your name. You did not promise them that their task would be easy.
You do not call us to perform miracles, Lord, but you do call us to be your presence to the people we meet who are suffering physical, emotional or spiritual pain. You call us into the unknown and promise that you will be with us always.
The story of you feeding a crowd with two small fish and five loaves with the help of your disciples shows us that as part of your human family, you desire that we show compassion to the needy. Yes, we can pray for those who are hungry, homeless, lonely, grieving. But you ask us to work with you to ease their plight. Just as you said to your disciples, “You give them something to eat,”so do you ask us to provide in any way we can for those who have nothing: to share our own `loaves and fish`with food banks, indigents, homeless and out-of-work brothers and sisters. You call us to be your eyes, your ears, your hands and your feet in our world today.
Help us, Lord, to hear your every call and to respond with enthusiasm, ``Here I am, Lord.``