Prayer for the Seventeenth Meeting

Seventeenth Meeting

Lord Jesus, bless us as we share the movements of your Spirit within us during our contemplation of the mysteries of your rejection by people in your home town and the chaotic scene in which you drove people out of the holy temple when it was turned into a market place.
We thank you for the new insights we have gained and for the graces we have received through the power of your Spirit. Guide us, we pray, as we seek to know you more intimately and help us to live the values that you lived and taught.
You call us to hear the words spoken by the prophet Isaiah which you proclaimed as your own in the temple in Nazareth as a personal calling to each of us. May we always remember that “the Spirit of the Lord is upon us,” and may we be open to spreading the good news to those who are searching for meaning in their lives. May we help them to find, through prayer, release from all that binds them to a painful past. Teach us to listen attentively to their stories and with the help of your Spirit to draw them to reflect on your life story as a source of comfort and encouragement.
Help us to be your presence to our families, friends, neighbours, co-workers and fellow parishioners. May we be signs of your peace, love and acceptance of all people.
We pray that we will come to know you more clearly, love you more dearly and follow you more nearly. Amen.