Prayer for the Eighteenth Meeting

Eighteenth Meeting

Lord, Jesus, as we contemplated the mystery of your Transfiguration, we shared the wonder of the apostles who beheld “the splendor of God “ shining on your face and heard the voice of your Father proclaiming you as “My Son, the beloved.” Despite the momentary fear precipitated by such extraordinary happenings, those who witnessed your transformation and listened to the voice that came out of the cloud were reassured by your admonition, “Do not be afraid.”
Once again, Lord, you predicted that you would die, but you also spoke of being “ raised from the dead,” which must have added consolation and hope to their feelings of sadness.
As human beings, we too experience sadness when death confronts us, although faith tells us that death is a transition into a new and everlasting life with you. We long to behold your beloved face, Lord and to be with you.
We were touched by the tears you shed as you stood outside the tomb of your friend Lazarus. You wept over your personal loss as well as over the pain of those who were grieving. Just as you raised Lazarus from the dead, so will you raise us up to be with you in your Father’s Kingdom.
We ask you to strip away all that binds us to earthly things that we may experience small but meaningful resurrections in our daily lives.
Please, Lord, bless this, our time of listening and sharing and send your Spirit to shower us with gifts of wisdom, understanding and insightfulness.
Bless our families, Lord, and hold them in the shadow of your wing. Amen.