Prayer for te Nineteenth Meeting

Nineteenth Meeting

Lord Jesus, as we journey through the events of your life, you reveal yourself to us as God and as a human being. We have seen you confronted with everyday tasks and situations like those we face; temptation by the Evil One; the challenge of helping people in trouble; rejection by those who knew you well; scorning of your values; awareness of the devastating physical and emotional pain of others ... the death of a cherished friend.
We are inspired by your love, compassion, caring and forgiveness; your unquestioning acceptance of your Father’s will; your strength, trust and courage in the face of adversity; your willingness to accept all people, even sinners; your selflessness and lack of worldly attachments; and the humility and simplicity which characterized your entire life. Help us, we pray, to become more and more like you.
Now, we prepare to accompany you on the Way of the Cross. May we feel sorrow and shame as we stay with you in the suffering you endured to atone for our sins and gift us with the promise of eternal life with you. Our society tends to avoid dealing with the concept of suffering and death. Sometimes we take the death of a loved one almost as an affront. We react with shock, feelings of despair, even asking, “WHY, Lord?” Yet we know that life is fragile and our earthly days are numbered.
Please grant us the grace of being truly present to you as you are mocked and derided; scourged; crowned with thorns; forced to carry the weight of our sins on your shoulders; stumble and fall; witness your Mother’s pain; are stripped of your clothing and your dignity; hang nailed to a wooden cross like any common criminal; and die in anguish. Help us to fully experience the faith, hope and trust in your Father that enabled you to say, “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.” Amen.