Prayer for the Twentieth Meeting

Twentieth Meeting

Lord Jesus, we ask you to bless us as we share our thoughts, inner feelings and prayer experience.
We have observed you with your disciples at the Last Supper; seen you institute the Sacrament of the Eucharist which ensured your presence in the world until the end of time; accompanied you and waited with you during your Agony in the Garden; seen you arrested like any common bandit after Judas’ kiss of betrayal; and followed you when you were led away by an angry throng eager to see you put to death.
We have become more aware of your pain, loneliness and sense of abandonment by those whom you loved and trusted; your very human fear of suffering and death; and your indomitable acceptance of your Father’s will .
As we continue our journey with you through your Passion and death, we ask for the grace of courage, steadfastness, compassion, empathy and deeper understanding of your unconditional gift of yourself for the salvation of humanity, Help us to become more aware that through our sinfulness, we have contributed to the weight of the cross that you carried to Calvary and to your death on that cross. May we never waver along the way, Lord, for we desire to be with you until you take your final breath.
As we accompany you, may we grow in strength and in determination to never shrink from being fully present to others in their moments of pain. Amen.