Prayer for the Twenty-First Meeting

Twenty-First Meeting

Dear Lord, please send your Spirit to fill us with your divine light and to give us wisdom, understanding and an awareness of the insights you have given us as we followed you to Golgotha.
You have shown us that even as you suffered betrayal and denial by your closest friends; underwent physical, emotional and spiritual torment; and were subject to the sense of alone-ness, apprehension and fear that often paralyzes us, you never lost faith in your Father
. You placed yourself in his hands and said, “Thy will be done.” You lived ... and died ... with hope and trust. Grant us, please, the same hope and trust so that we will respond to your every call.
Lord, you are the way, the truth and the life. May we follow the ways you have taught so that our lives will have meaning for ourselves and for all those whose lives we touch. May we be guided by truths, for it was lies that led to your condemnation and your crucifixion. May our lives be so entwined with yours that death will hold no threat, for your death ensured that we will enter into eternal life with you.
We ask your forgiveness, Lord, for all the ways we have contributed to your pain. We know that even as you gaze upon us with love and compassion, our acts of betrayal added to the weight of your cross.
Bless us, Lord, and give us courage as we stand at the foot of your cross to witness your death and as we watch you being laid in the dark tomb. Help us to be
there for your Mother in her time of grieving, for truly a sword pierced her heart as she beheld your agony.