Prayer to the Twenty-Second Meeting

Twenty-Second Meeting

Lord Jesus, please send your Spirit to enlighten us as we share the ways in which you have spoken to us in our daily prayer. May we be inspired to recognize the as yet
unheard messages of your Spirit in our hearts, for sometimes we are slow to understand and to respond.
We have watched soldiers nail you to the cross; have seen you hanging upright for three long hours before death claimed you; and have felt devastated to know that as sinners, we share the blame for your senseless agony and death. We have become more aware of the many ways in which human beings inflict pain on one another .... and of the ways in which we hurt others.
Lord, we have seen your Mother holding your lifeless body, fulfilling the prophecy that a sword would pierce her heart. We have watched you being placed in the cold darkness of a tomb - alone at last! - but in death! We have walked away silently with John, your beloved disciple, and the women who remained with you to the end - sharing their sadness and despair.
We thank you, Lord, for the gift of your Mother as John’s and OUR Mother and as Mother of all the world. May we be graced with the special qualities that were Mary’s: faith, hope, trust, love, humility, goodness, unquestioning acceptance of your Father’s will.
Bless us as we continue to contemplate your Passion and death, Lord, and draw us ever closer to your heart. Amen.