Prayer to the Twenty-Third Meeting

Twenty-Third Meeting

Come, Holy Spirit, fill us with the fire of your love. We have celebrated the Feast of Pentecost and our hearts eagerly anticipated renewed reassurance of your ongoing presence in our lives. We were not disappointed. May we
always be aware of your presence within us. We ask you to gift us with wisdom, knowledge, understanding, patience, compassion, generosity and ever growing faith, hope and trust in Jesus, our Saviour. Help us as we seek to recognize your movements in our hearts; to make choices which will draw us closer to Jesus; and to live more fully our Father’s plan for us.
Lord Jesus, we have contemplated your first joyful reunion with Mary, your Mother, when you appeared to her in the glory of your Resurrection. We have shared her awe and wonder as she beheld you, still marked by the scars where your hands were nailed to the cross, but miraculously transformed into a vision of radiant beauty. We have experienced your touch as you enfolded Mary in your arms; heard your voice as you spoke words of love to her. We have witnessed your appearance to Mary Magdalene and her awe and wonder as well as her joy at being chosen to be a messenger of the good news of your Resurrection.
We thank you, Lord, for all that you are teaching us and for choosing us to be current day messengers of the Good News. We ask for your special blessings as we share the fruits of our prayer with each other and strive to recognize and understand all that you have revealed to us. Bless us as we contemplate the mystery of your resurrection and its meaning in our lives. Amen.