In addition to the published books available through our on-line bookstore, The Ignatian Centre produces and stocks several exclusive titles by John Wickham, S.J. These documents are generally related to different forms of making the spiritual exercises as well as the formation of prayer companions and spiritual directors.

Please contact the centre directly - at or 514-481-1064 - about ordering any of these titles. Prices do not include shipping and handling.

Prayer Companion’s Handbook ($17.00)

The Prayer Companion’s Handbook is the text used in the Prayer Companion program developed and offered by the Centre.
Available in English, French and Spanish.

The Real Presence of the Future Kingdom: Scripture Passages for Daily Prayer on the Christian Virtues ($14.00)

This book is a collection of Scripture passages designed to provide a wide range of materials for both spiritual directors and people already initiated in daily prayer using Bible passages. The book is organized around the well-known Christian virtues but keeping in mind the needs of those still in the early stages of spiritual growth.

The Common Faith ($16.00)

The Common Faith is the book used in the first phase of the Communal Exercises program. It is designed to enable members of a faith community to deepen their spiritual roots. While coming from a Catholic perspective, this program is not catechetical, but rather provides the material for the growth of Christian faith communities regardless of denomination.

The Communal Exercises (Part A $20.00, Part B $22.00)

These workbooks books are intended for small groups of Christians who desire to make the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius together. This is not a beginner program; any groups interested in following it should begin with a foundation using The Common Faith (above).

When the Going Gets Tough: A Spirituality for Hard Times ($12.00)

(Note this title is published by Novalis, but can be difficult to find on-line and in bookstores. The Centre has a limited stock of these books.)

Our spiritual tradition on Christian poverty has been focused almost exclusively on choosing to live with insufficiency or near destitution. While modern socialism and western affluence has made great strides in eliminating poverty, it has resulted in excess and overconsumption. And not just in the material sense: there is also a glut of information, events to attend, which has resulted in a poverty of time. The seemingly endless choices that have been put in front of us has resulted in insecurity. And despite our incredible affluence, many remain unemployed and marginalized and unable to participate in the collective wealth of our society.

This short essay explores what it means to be “poor” in the face of abundance, and what stance Christians should adopt towards our society’s economic and social norms. Wickham compares past and present understandings of poverty, and suggests new approaches in Christian discipleship.


A Method to Presenting the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius ($5.00)

A method for presenting the Spiritual Exercises in the Annotation 19 (daily life) format

A basic, practical guide for presenting the Exercises in a 30 week format. Although particularly useful to new directors of the Exercises, experienced directors would also be able to adapt this material to their own particular needs and purposes.

NEW! The Spiritual Exercises for Today ($6.00) Experiencing God in the style of St Ignatius, John Veltri, SJ, Teilhard de Chardin, SJ, and Louis Savary, SJ:

A basic, practical guide for presenting the Exercises in a 30 week format. Includes additional readings outside of prayer times and additional texts for use during prayer. Following the tradition of Finding God in all Things.